Friday, November 10, 2017

Let's Talk Group Chats, Tags and Groups

Have You ever logged on tho Facebook to find yourself added to a group without being asked, Or a Chat with Hundreds of people, Or tagged in a Biz opp post with a few hundred strangers?

I have and It used to really make me angry. I used to get very angry about it because I felt resentful in a way that I had invested all this time to improve my skills and build a solid following and 'they' had not. 
Silly in hindsight really. 
In this FB LIVE, I share with you what happened when my friend added me to a Very large chat and how new marketers can avoid situations where they repel or create resistance in their prospective customers and business partners. This video will help anyone get the ball rolling in their business the right way.

Key Takeaways here are:

  1. Listen To Your Gut
  2. Commit to learning real prospecting
  3. Avoid Shortcuts
  4. Ignore your current circumstance and focus on your long-term vision
  5. Don't be afraid to apologize
If You received value from this and think that it could help someone you know, do not hesitate to share this post. If You would like more content and training like this and would like it on a more intimate level I invite you to request to join my private group on facebook - The Mind ReSet Group.

Big Love,
Coach Tara


  1. [ Smiles ] Oh, I certainly know what it is like to be added to a Facebook group without my permission.

    Great post, Tara.

  2. Seriously I dont really mind being added to a group I didnt ask for. I simply check it out, see if it resonates with my code and ethos and quietly exit if it doesnt. I remember how it was when I first started so I give them a lil rope. With that said, I do my best to empower them with the right way to build via groups and they can take it or leave it! Well said Coach Tara!