Thursday, November 2, 2017

How To Develop Posture in Your Business

One of the biggest questions I hear from Clients and Teammates is:

"How Do I Develop Posture?"

First, let me explain to you What Posture Is NOT:
Posture is not being mean
Posture is not Faking
Posture is not pretending to be your VA and Spamming people because you are "Too Busy" To Do your own Prospecting

Posture is:
Having your Priorities In Order and managing yourself in time with those priorities as your guide.

How to develop Posture NOW :

In your favorite visualization method, see yourself as the person that has already achieved those BIG Goals.

Does That YOU allow your time to be wasted by doing things that are not valuable for your time?
Do You allow skeptics to bring you down?
Do you allow people to waste your time with LONG presentations or Extended and unproductive conversations?
Do You allow yourself to engage in tasks that do not bring you joy in the BIG picture?
Do you Find yourself in situations that do not serve your highest good?

If your Dreams and Goals are BIG, You do not do any of those things.
You need to make room for your Success by demanding that it be part of your growth NOW.

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Big Love,
Coach Tara


  1. I love your angle on Visualization for Posture and Leadership Tara. Many People simply dont Purposely Visualize their lives so they simply drift through it...A real work of the enemy! Thanks for sharing

  2. excellent blog post Tara. Having come from a sales background I can definitely say that posture is most people's problem when it comes to getting more results. Everyone talks about it but not many tell you how to develop it. So i like the way you give a straight for solution!

  3. Great post Tara. Having posture doesn't give you license to lie or be a jerk. Thank you for posting.

  4. [ Smiles ] A superb piece on developing posture!