Monday, January 18, 2016

FB Marketing Challenge..You Ready?

21 day FB Marketing and Engagement Challenge

We all know that Facebook engagement is super important for our online businesses. Internet and Network Marketers  all around the world Spend Thousands if not millions of dollars a day on FB Advertising. And Thats a good thing, Why ? Because it helps us to reach more people and potentially have a great impact on peoples lives. We really can’t put a value on that, because what we do for people can not be measured in just dollars and cents.

For Most marketers, We also interact with our Family, Friends and Colleagues on Facebook from our personal profile. If we are focused solely on our business page marketing, our personal page people will begin to engage less and less with our content. That is no good because we pour our heart and soul into creating high value content and if our own personal social media family doesn’t see it they are loosing out on a very important side of you.

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