Thursday, January 21, 2016

4 Things You Must Know When Launching Your Business

Ever watch a video that Just MOVED you to Explore the topic more? Well that’s what happened last night when I opened an Email from the legendary Mike Dillard. Mike Dillard has made his name and Fortune teaching Network Marketers some Truths that has revolutionized the Entire industry. His message is usually something MOST Traditional Network Marketing Sponsors Never want to say or admit too because It goes against the Fantasy Life many have painted for their prospects when they first get a person to Launch their New Business  This message I have for you today just might do the same.

A FEW Things They Might Leave Out  When You LAUNCH ARE:

There’s Far more to it than Just writing a LIST of Unqualified people.

There is MORE over head than your Autoship

It Can take as long as a traditional Brick and Mortar to Start seeing Profit.

You might be asking ‘Why Would They do that?’ and all I can say is that they might be afraid that IF you REALLY KNEW what it will take, You might not join… And That comes from THEM being afraid. I SAY, I would rather a person KNOW it is REAL Work and Only enroll Those Ready to GET TO IT, than enroll just anyone that thinks they can do this. ONE THING I KNOW is That ANYONE can Do THIS, however, Most DON’T.

So, Back to Mike, He sent a video talking about a revisit to some key elements of launching a business that he had ‘forgot’ and was Very Powerfully reminded of and it inspired me to Share with YOU the points he made, My personal experience With them AND a SOLUTION to the Challenges you will face as You Launch your Home based Business.

4 Startling Facts No one wants to Tell You when You Launch your Business