Monday, June 22, 2015

DotCom Secrets #3 | Study With Me - From Value Ladder To Funnel

Today we are going to learn How to Apply theValue Ladder to a Funnel For our Business And Why we should be doing it if we want to see success in our Network Marketing Business.

We can agree there is a lot of competition out there. Whether its Industry wide or Niche specific, Or even Within your company. You, as a professional network marketer need to Separate yourself from the noise of the crowd. Your customers need to be able to define you from the rest of the people out there with an Home based Business opportunity, From the other companies offering similar products And From The other representatives your company has. If you do not apply a Value ladder and The Funnel to YOUR Business, You will Not be as successful as those that do. Why?
#1 You convey, Subconsciously, to your prospective Clients, that You do not take your Business seriously.
#2 You Convey that you are not concerned with providing value to the Market place.
#3 You don’t believe that You DO provide value to the Market Place. >>DotCom Secrets #3 | Study With Me - From Value Ladder To Funnel