Wednesday, June 17, 2015

DotCom Secrets # 2 | Study With Me - What is a Value Ladder?

This Concept is resisted by The Average Network Marketer more than any other concept in Building a Successful business. Time and Time again, You will see Marketer after Marketer Blasting their Social Media NON STOP with Their Offer. I know this because I did it….For YEARS. Everyday Posting About This Thing that I thought Everyone Should Buy. No Qualifications, Just Buy it. 
Now That Might work with Some, However It will never Work withQuality customers or potential Business partners.  The truth is, Not everyone Is qualified to Enjoy your products, Or Partner in a Business with you. Now that you are an Entrepreneur, Running your Own Business and Building your Enterprise, you must be as Qualified as You want your Customers and Potential Business partners to be. Remember Secret #1 When we Dived into Our Minds to Reveal Precisely Who we want to market to based on our Desired Clients? Well Here in Secret #2 We QUALIFY.
Not Just Us Qualifying Them, But Us Being Qualified By Them. It All begins With The Value Ladder. Let Me Explain: DotCom Secrets # 2 | Study With Me - What is a Value Ladder?