Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Tao of Network Marketing | Verse Six

Ever Notice that when you take an action from the center of your true self, You create Beautiful and Empowering Things. Your message is clear, it’s beyond enthusiasm, its True service. Do you recognize when you do some action for Something outside of yourself that you Feign enthusiasm in order to disguise your lack of connection?
Today’s verse will help you to reveal the best course of action. It will enlighten you to Your Most connected service for your team and your Marketing . When you Fight to Achieve or Win, you create Hardness. When you allow yourself to be true to Yourself, You do it with ease. They say you have to have a thick skin to be able to be part of Network Marketing. I Say You have to be yourself in anything you do, to achieve success. That means Letting go of All incidents that do not Serve your Greatness. That means understanding that that one set back or rejection does not determine your Success. To Be of service in the greatest way, is to Be YOU. Recognize your connection in the beauty of that and Your success is Achieved.

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