Monday, May 4, 2015

The Tao of Network Marketing | Verse Four

It’s Not Black or White, Its Both. The Tao in your Network Marketing business is Embracing the wholeness of it. When we apply the Tao, we begin to love the lows with the highs. You begin to see it all as part of the goal and therefore you begin to Vibrate in the “As If”.
When we begin to act and live in the “As If” we become fulfilled. Once we Feel fulfilled, we ARE. Today’s Verse brings us even closer to the magickal in our businesses. We begin to feel peace and move through it and in the doing and being we are tapped into the Ability to positively Influence the world around us. It is then That we get to experience the success of others as well as our own.>>>The Tao of Network Marketing | Verse Four