Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Calling for a Medical Kidnapping Smackdown | Levi Quackenboss

"Many of you have been following the ongoing medical kidnapping attempt of a seven-year-old little girl named Kennedy Willey at Children’s Hospital of Orange County, California. There is a whole back-story on how she came to have seizures as a toddler. Click here to read her mother’s Mommypotamus interview in better days."

Please Share Kennedy's story! 

The contact information for CHOC is found by clicking here. Call and ask to speak to the hospital chief, and the head supervisor of the neurology department. Tell them that you condemn Dr. Zupanc’s actions and that you expect her to lose her position at the hospital. Click here to write an emailtelling them exactly what you think of this situation.  The CHOC Twitter handles are CHOCchildrens and CHOCdocs.  Call their donors and tell them to stop donating.  Call the US Senators for California and tell them that not only did this happen, but it is still happening, and you expect this to stop immediately.
Medical kidnapping seems like a sensationalist idea until it happens to someone you love.  Let’s stop this one in its tracks.
Keep in touch with Kennedy’s Facebook page here. Read This Entire Blog Here>>Calling for a Medical Kidnapping Smackdown | Levi Quackenboss