Sunday, April 26, 2015

How Big Is Your Vision?

If Your Vision Cant Get You past The First Person that Quit... You May as well join em And QUIT already. Why? Your Vision isn't worth it. If Your Vision isn't big enough to get you Past the First 90 days in your Business with out making 10 thousand dollars, QUIT, Your vision isn't worth it anyway. If Your Vision isn't Big enough to Get You to Use The products You Sell, QUIT, It is obvious, that your Vision isn't worth it...Well not Big enough to You anyway. CREATE a Vision That Is So BIG, you Can't Deny it. So Big You Stop yourself from Complaining. So Big You say NEXT, So Big You Immerse yourself in Learning New Skill Sets That Carry Your Vision All The WAY UP Up To the Elevation Of Life You Deserve. So BIG that You Find yourself Smiling at yourself in the Mirror with those Knowing Eyes. Those Eyes that SAW your way to That Vision!!>>>> How Big Is Your Vision?