Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What I learned from the 21 Day Blogging Challenge

It Does Have to be Hard to Blog. It Doesn't have To Be Noisy Like it Is on Social Media. Your Voice Can Be Heard and SHOULD be Heard. You Have Much Support And Are Surrounded By Amazing people That Uplift, Inspire and Teach you Everyday!

I Officially Just Completed My FIRST 21 Day Blogging Challenge. I could Not Be More Excited! Ever Since I started Using this Kalatu Blogging Platform  [Literately 15 Minutes after I Got it] I have GROWN so much in my Blogging Skills. I've Been Able to Learn from Some of the Best Bloggers in the World, Like Neil Patel, David Wood, Toby And Layla Black,  Kat And Romeo Zapanta,  Felicia and Brian White, Jon Ochs, Alex and Anna Zubarev, Michelle Shaeffer, Lawrence Tam !!OoO The List Goes on and On.

I have Become a Far Better Writer, Marketer, And Coach. Having A Home For My content Has Given me Peace. I don't Have to feel like All I am Offering is A Link to A Product. I am Really Opening my Wings Here and Flying Far above The Noise on Social Media To Really Create an indelible  Impact on the world around Me!

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