Saturday, January 31, 2015

Prepare Yourself For February

Ever wonder what it's like to live through a winter blizzard — and then score the spoils of an empty, firing ocean in the eye of it? Follow James Katsipis, Nick Joeckel, Grant Monahan, Charlie Weimar, Travis Beckmann, and more diehard Montauk locals as they take all that Winter Storm Juno has to offer.

Why Show you This Video? To Elicit Strong EMOTION from you Dear Reader!

See -  THIS is Living. This is Doing The Thing that Makes You Feel Alive.
No, You may not want to Just into the Freezing Ocean to Ride Waves, However There is Something You Want... That You Resist... BECAUSE [Enter Reasons Here]...You Do Not Pursue...

If the wind will not serve,
take to the oars.
Destitutus ventis, remos adhibe
-Latin Proverb

Is Not The Month For That.

February Is The MONTH of the Most Epic Living! This is My Take, And I believe with all my heart, Mind and Soul, That if YOU Dive into This First week of February With 1000% Authentic, YOU going For YOURS, You will be reaping the Benefits of That For the Rest of your Life And MOST definitely The rest of the Month!

Make This VOW to Yourself NOW:

I,________, Declare To Be True to my Heart, Dreams and Happiness. I Am Going into This New Month With the Full and Faithful intention to Do, Be And Achieve My Best Experiences. I will Work Harder, Longer and More Passionately Than Before. I will STOP to Smell The Roses, I will Pay Attention to Those I have conversations With. I will Be Actively Engaged in What Im Doing. 

I Will NOT Watch the NEWS. I will Not Spend Time With, or Take Counsel With People I do Not Want to Be Around. I will Not Force Myself to Do ANYTHING that Does not Bring Me Joy. 

I Will ACTIVELY Seek GOOD in everything. I will Give Myself and Others a CLEAN Slate Every Day. I will Shake it Off. I will Choose To Be Happy.

I Will Not Make Excuses or Cover For Anything Or Anyone. I will Take Full responsibility For ME.  I Will Count My Blessing Everyday and I will Do It All ON PURPOSE.

I Promise To GET MINE.

And So It Is.


I Have BIG Plans For This Coming Month And I Am Taking Applications For Joint Venture Partners. You Must Be Prepared to Take Action The First Week Of February.