Thursday, January 15, 2015

Are You "Yessing" Yourself to death?


Are You Like Many people I have talked to 
that feel like They Just do not have enough 
time in the day to Complete the Tasks they 
set out to? 

Do you feel like you are being torn in several
directions? Life Still needs to get done even
when you are building your home based 
business. The kids need rides to Practice,
Your Friends may need your help from time
to Time. The Laundry still has to get washed,
Dinner Cooked, Yard Mowed, Baths taken...
The List goes on and on.

One Thing I work on with my clients is Their Time
and delegating some of the responsibilities
to others in the family. Once That has been 
established, I find that some folks ARE Still Struggling
with Staying focused and staying On Task.
Thats When I have them take inventory of
how many "YES'S" They are too freely 
handing out.

Here is A GREAT List of NEW Answers You can
use to REDUCE the Amount Of time You are spending
doing things that are not on YOUR list of Important 
Things to be Done.

I Learned These Excellent "NO" Responses Yesterday
from Carolyn Olson
And I KNEW I had to Share Them With YOU!
Claim Back YOUR Time Territory With These:

- No, thank you.
- In order to take care of myself, I have to say no.
- I'm sorry but that won't work for me.
- This isn't what we agreed to.
- I'm not satisfied with that answer.
- May I please speak to your supervisor?
- I'm sorry but that's more than I'm able or willing to do.
- I know you do not agree but it's my decision.
- This is who I am.
- Thank you, but I think I'll pass.

Get Comfortable with these and You will start to
see others having more respect for your time as well.

I Hope This Comes in Handy for YOU!

Here's to Our Finest Life,
Coach Tara