Monday, December 22, 2014

Release Ritual For Clearing The Way

Hello World!! The New Year is upon us and its Time for New RESOLUTIONS. In this post I will give You my Sacred Ritual for Releasing negative Feelings, Emotions, and experiences. This will Make creating your New Year Resolutions Far more enjoyable.

What You Will Need:
Loose Paper
Lighter or Matches
Safe Place to Burn Paper considering the safety of your Environment
Open and Forgiving Mind

Pre-Resolution Release Ritual

Take some time to Sit  without distraction and write down all of the things you no longer wish to hold in your heart, mind and life. You can Write one thing on each page separately Or in a list, which ever suits you.

You do not have to be ULTRA specific, as a matter of fact I suggest you be a bit vague. You do not need this time to Bring you to a Very Low Vibration in order for it to Be Effective. For Example:

"I Release my Feelings of Guilt about Spending Money on myself." vs "I feel really horrible after I treat myself to a Nice Spa Treatment" FACE IT: Treating yourself Well is YOUR Duty, not your Downfall.

"I release my guilt for not losing that weight last year" vs "I am fat and i have no control" FACE IT: You Cut out Sugar, Stopped eating Fast food and started walking; Thats GOOD.

When You have Written ALL of the Things that No longer serve you Gather up all the Papers and set them aside for when you will be Completely alone. After the Kids go to bed etc.

Make A Ritual of it. Burn Some candles, Drink some tea, Gather your Crystals ( if that's your kind of thing, If Not, Thats Cool too ) Make it As Elaborate a Ritual as You Want!
You Can Ad Yoga to This Ritual!

Bring Your Papers with all your Regrets, Pain, Guilt, Sadness on them and go to the Spot where its safe to set them on fire. I have a fire pit outside, some folks have a Fire place. Just be sure the papers you burn will not fly away  or the embers float off. BE SAFE WITH FIRE.

Contemplate Relax and Paper by paper add it to the fire Allow the feeling of release and Freedom to fill your heart. You are letting it go right now. if negative thoughts creep in, simply switch your minds focus on purpose.  Add Sage To The Fire For Special Spiritual Effect.
I love to Think the Hoponopono While I do this:

"I Love You,

I'm Sorry, 

Please Forgive Me,

Thank you"

When You are finished Burning the Papers and the fire has been extinguished (If you lit one, you may have just burned the paper alone) Allow Your heart to Fill with Gratitude. Now is a Really Great time to bathe. Take a Long Salt Bath or a Nice HOT Shower with some of your Purest and favorite Soaps.
Drink at least 8oz of Water, and grab a Very Light Snack ( Carrots or some unsalted crackers).

This Gives me much relief especially in times of stress. It also Helps me to Feel Clear For Goal setting, Resolutions and Planning.

Keep your Eyes out on my Facebook Page for a New Year Resolution Event This Monday December 29th.

Here's To Our Finest Life,
Tara Woodruff
The Mind ReSet Coach