Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Beware The Dark Side... Jonathan Budd Video

VERY Powerful #BUDDISM Watch it NOW Before You get on with your Day!

THIS is Where I have been Hung Up.... This Bull that I gotta PUFF myself Up to YOU Just To make Myself LOOK as good as I want YOU to FEEL I am all While Inflicting Upon you The Inadequacy I want You to perceive in yourself! See how That Feels and sounds? I did and I didn't like it. I Despise that Style of marketing. I know there is a Better Way and Mr Budd Just pointed it out!!

Here is the Book He talks about at the End>>> Winning The Story Wars
I Just added it to My Wish List!
WE do not Have to Move from our Center to be Great! IN FACT the Closer to our center we are THE GREATER WE ARE!
YOU are A HERO on a HEROES Quest!

Here's To Our Kick Butt Life!!
Coach T