Friday, November 21, 2014

10 Reasons Why Smart Entrepreneurs Create Information Products

I get this Question asked of me ALL the Time..."Why Launch?" I always reply with "Why Not?"

I am Usually Met with Silence or a Blank Stare, Then The Reasons start Coming.

  • I'm not an Expert
  • I wouldn't know where to Start
However What they are Really saying is...
"I don't really think I am good enough to Even try, let alone survive Failing."

Let Me Remind you, You are an Entrepreneur, and in order to see success you need to Release those negative thoughts. Release The "need" to Always Get it Right and Move Forward.

Joey Xoto, Entrepreneur That Scales His Business With Information Products!
His Last Launch iPocket Video
Sold over 2500 Units!

Joey was Able To Help MORE people Learn how to Make HIGH Quality Video with a Smart Phone than he would have been able to reach with out a Product Offer.

Here are 10 Reasons Why SMART Entrepreneurs Create and Launch Information Products and How You Can Inject these Very reasons into Your Mindset and Get Going:

  1. To BUILD Your List. The Fastest Way To build Your List of Responsive Subscribers is to Build that list from Customers. 
  2. To LEARN. One of the Quickest way to learn about a particular subject is to RESEARCH it and Teach it. Being in the position of Teacher will Help you to learn a subject faster and with More retention. For example, That was part of my Studying technique when I was in college. I came home from class and Taught EVERYONE that would listen, all about what I had just learned. I Maintained a 4.0 with out EVER needing to Crash for a test.
  3. To Generate Passive Income. You Create The Product ONCE and Make money from it every time it sells. Think of authors... They write the book One Time and As long as that book is in production, They can earn money from the sales.
  4. To Build Authority. Creating Your Own Product will give you Clout... Authority among your Peers. 
  5. To Help Your Clients Save Money. For Instance, You may offer Consultation services or Coaching services to Clients. Those services are usually Quite Pricey as they are By The Hour Or Job Fixed Active Incomes. You Will only bring in income when you have Active Clients. And You can only Earn as much as the TIME you can Spend. Therefore creating Courses or Information products will give you the ability to offer them to people who may have never been able to afford your services before.
  6. To Save You Time. As Stated in Number 5 "You can only Earn as much as the TIME you can Spend." This Will Save You time, help you to create more FREEDOM in your Professional Life.
  7. To Help you Recruit More Qualified Teammates, Business Partners or Clients. It's Nothing New.. The Fact is your Next BEST customers Are Always The Ones you already Have. Your Products should be part of Your Sales Funnel. You SHOULD Have a SALES Funnel, No Matter what business you are in.
  8. To Give You Income Insurance. What if New Clients drop off or Something is going on concerning your Pay plan, Or you find yourself completely reliant on Someone Else for your income. What If You move your business. In the Case of Network marketers, it is Very important that the entrepreneur not fully rely solely on their company for the income. I am sorry to say, but things do Happen to companies that Could disrupt your income in devastating ways. As an Entrepreneur, it is UP TO YOU to Create Reliable Income, no matter what happens to the company you currently promote.
  9. To Help Others Earn Money. Many information products [MOST] have affiliates. Affiliates are people that promote your product FOR you and you pay them a cut. This is Very powerful for so many reasons, however the most important one is that YOU can actually be a POSITIVE influence on someones Income by offering an affiliate to your product. Its EASY and can be done trough sites like JVZoo or Clickbank. Or You can do it Completely In house With your Core Teammates or Previous Customers and Clients.
  10. To Scale Your Business. Growing your Bottom line without Hiring Employees is a Big Deal and Information products Give you the ability to Reach your Target Market GLOBALLY, in ways you could not have accomplished with out Your Own Information Products.
The Big Problem I see happening is that once the person ReSets Their Mindset and Gets on board with The WHY, it Boils Down to the HOW. I Found HOW and I am Very Happy to share it with you! See for the last few months I have been learning from Alex Jeffreys and I am VERY impressed with how I am progressing with his guidance. He JUST released His exact Launch Check List. A Step By Step Guide to How HE puts together His 7 figure Launches. This Takes the "guess Work" out! 
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Hear What Joey Xoto Creator of iPOCKET Video has to Say About This:

I Look Forward to Seeing YOUR Launch Be a great Success!

Here's To Our Finest Life,
Tara Woodruff
The Mind ReSet Coach
Alex Jeffreys Super Affiliate and Student.