Saturday, October 11, 2014

Im Taking Back Main Street

I am Taking Back Main Street!

Your Customers WANT to Find You!

However Local Marketing Is Primarily Used By National Brands... 67% of All Local Marketing is Just That.

So When YOUR potential Customers are Looking for a Business to Spend Their Money,

They Are Finding NATIONAL Corporate Brands Over YOU.

Its Time To tap into This And Take Back Main Street.

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YOU need To Strengthen Your Local economy By BUILDING your Business


You are Asking...

  • Can Local Economies Survive?
  • How can I SAVE my Business?
  • Can Local Businesses Survive Big Box Stores?
  • How can I get An EDGE LOCALLY with My Business?
  • I SAY YES!

Im on a Mission to BRING Back Main Street!

All Across America RIGHT NOW This Scene Continues:
From The Scooter Diaries

More From the Scooter Diaries

From My Home Town Of EAST HAMPTON New York, 
Where The ENTIRE Main Street And Newtown Lane 
Consisted Of STRONG Local Businesses Now Is More like a MALL.

Local Businesses CLOSING and CORPORATE Brands Moving In. 
GUESS where I Found THESE Photos...
Go Ahead , I'll Wait....

TUMBLR on  EastHamptonStores Blog

Not A SINGLE Featured Business on this Page is A Locally Owned Business. HOW did it Come to This?


Juicy Couture

No WONDER So many Local Families are Being Forced to Move from the Place Their Families are From, Unable to afford a year round Rental for Less than 100,000 Dollars a year... They No longer DOMINATE the Local Economy Like They Had for YEARS.

It Is TIME to TAKE BACK Main Street!

Here's To Our Finest Life,
Coach Tara
THE Main Street Champion

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