Thursday, October 16, 2014

How To Post an AD to Facebook for The First Time | Day 3

Today Im going to Show You how To Post Your FIRST Ad on Facebook!

Does Posting an ad of Facebook STRESS you Out? It Used to Stress me out BIGTIME!
This is a Simple Tutorial on how to place Your FIRST ad on Facebook with out Losing Hair or Spending a fortune.

Step One GO HERE >>

Step Two: Select The Create Ad Button on the Upper Right hand corner.
Choose The "Clicks to Website" And add your Landing Page Link to It.

Choose an Image that is 1200 x 628 [ Edit on Picmonkey if Need Be]
CAUTION: If there are words on the Image... Be sure they cover less than 25% of the Total Image. I have an example in the Video.

After You have chosen and set your Image, now you choose which Business page You want your ad to be from.
Add a CALL to Action and Use the Advanced Options!

Select Demographics, AGE, Location, Language, Sex, And More You want the Meter to be in the green, preferably in the middle or over to the Left. Too broad will destroy your Click Quality.

TIP: Choose Something that You Promote That can generate Income if A person Takes action on your Ad.


Select Your Daily Budget; How Much For How Long.


Facebook generates a Suggestion for the Bids, You choose one That is comfortable for you. Dont be afraid to Go LOWER than their suggestions, Just Beware Not to Go Too low. Ask yourself THIS when Biding for Click:
How Much is a Quality Lead Worth and How Much are You willing to Pay?

Your Ad will go into Review, you will hear From Facebook Shortly as to whether or not it has been accepted. Doesn't Take long, You will be Notified via Email AND FB notification.

Now Go Out there And Place an Ad on Facebook. Start Slow and experiment.

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Here's to Our Finest Life,
Coach Tara
The Mind ReSet Coach

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