Monday, October 27, 2014

Get Response | The Double Opt In

First PLEASE excuse me, I have a Bit of a cough in this video.
I decided To make this Tutorial After I saw I had some Bounces. Now My account is brand new and I discovered I  needed to Take some Extra steps to Be Sure I avoid the Dreaded Bounce Emails!

This video shows You how to Ensure Your subscribers KNOW exactly who you are and Double Opt in to your List. This will greatly reduce the amount of Bounce emails and Spam complaints. 
Its Important that You do this because YOU want a CLEAN and engaged List. If your List is filled with Unresponsive Subscribers, You will be sending emails and engaging in relationships That Do not Deserve To Be on your List. 

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Here's To Our Finest Life!
Coach Tara
The Mind Reset Coach