Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Passionate Post | Day 2

Today I write You a PASSIONATE Post! 

When I was a young girl, I was what was called a Latch Key Kid. That meant I went home from school to an empty house. Not because I was being neglected, Quite the Opposite. But because My Mom was alone with the Responsibility of raising me. She worked the grave yard shift at the local Diner as a Short order cook, and from there she went to her second Full time job, and Delivered mail.
I Literately Woke alone and got myself off to school And Came home alone.


As to be expected, I grew up and Continued the same path. One thing I never did was hold two full time jobs... No way, I don't know how my Mom did it. She had No choice, She had no one to help her at all. My Dad Never once sent a penny to help raise me. Her parents Didn't Help. My mom wasn't blessed like I was. When I had my Child, She was there for me. Working so I could go to school. Watching Sara as I was out there trying to find my way.


I Left school, Tried to be a Wall Street Broker and couldn't handle the pressure. Ended up Becoming the Best Darn Bartender You Ever Did See. For many years I struggled with never quite having enough to take care of my daughter that way I wanted to. to give her the Life I felt she should have. Don't get me wrong, Sara grew up Super mega Loved, however Money was ALWAYS an issue. We were always Broke. I worked Holidays, weekends, All the Time. What it came to was My JOB was literately Stealing away my daughters childhood and It STILL wasn't enough to make the Ends meet.


I was dating a guy at the time that recently lost his AWESOME job. I Couldn't understand why he was so upset, I figured, JUST GO GET ANOTHER ONE. He did, and it paid a third the salary he was earning before. When I asked him what he was making now, I nearly Fell down. His new job was paying Almost 40K a year! I quickly did the Math and realized, I wasn't even CLOSE to the Low Salary Job he had now, and Said WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? He was in Sales...


I became a Car Salesman! This was my first real taste of what sales was.  I met some of the Most influential people in my life at that Job. That was where I really started to grow. However, I could't sell a car to save my life and Lived out of the Draw most of my time there. I stayed in that industry for 3 years. And No matter how good I was at rapport, or the details of the cars, I could not make a go of it.


I went BACK into the Restaurant Industry, however, Florida was a whole new ball of wax. The Money was BAD, Worse than ever. it seemed as I got even better at y job, The less I got paid. I Finally found a job I LOVED and worked my way up to Kitchen Manager. Then the owner shut down the restaurant... I was lost again, on unemployment and scared to death. WAS I EVER GOING TO FIGURE THIS OUT?

WORKING for a Corporate CHAIN Changed my Life

I got hood winked, Flam Boozled, Lied to, and abused. I worked for The largest Grocery Chain in the South in the Deli. I had YEARS of experienced with Deli work and because I was on unemployment, I could not Fight back. It was the first time I was a Prisoner to my JOB. I could not afford to loose my unemployment benefits so I could not put my Foot down about How I was treated. if I lost that job, I would have lost my unemployment benefits.


There were no other jobs to get. No One hired Full time and Local Mom and Pops Simply did not exist. I literately Stayed at that corporate job until I knew I could not even walk in the door anymore. My Shoulders, and Wrists DESTROYED from the Work. I was Desperate to find a better way. I was Literately Crying on my way to work, and by the time i got home I was Crying All night. I cried when I got my pay check. I was Completely Ruined.
My Daughter was now grown, I never made the life I wanted to for her. I was the lowest I had ever been in my life.


She Asked me if I REALLY Believed I wouldn't Be Able to Make it Online? Did I knot have FAITH?
She believed in me, Why not believe in myself?


Success did not happen overnight. As a matter of Fact We went through The Poorest times I have ever experienced. We had our lights Shut off, the water turned off, I traveled to the library everyday to work and came home hungry to a dark house.
I kept Pushing, I kept goin. I Never Gave up. Was it worth it?

Several months later My Mom and I went to that Store and saw my assistant Deli manager outside having a smoke. My Mom suggested I see if they need seasonal help.. I said NO WAY. She said, "It would be Better Than Nothin..." I Said "OBVIOUSLY NOT."
That was when I was clear to me that My Mission was to SAVE people From Slave Wages.


My Mission is to help as many People transition as quickly as possible to realize their Entrepreneurial Dreams. To help them Compress their time so they could achieve success faster than I did.
I also Realized that the American worker Needed STABLE Mom and POPS to work at. Thriving local businesses to be part of. So my mission is two fold.

  • Educate and Encourage entrepreneurs
  • Educate and EMPOWER local business owners to Compete in this economy so They can continue to employ those who are not cut out for entrepreneurialism

Here's To Our Finest Life,
Coach Tara
The Mind ReSet Coach