Thursday, September 18, 2014

YouTube Boot Camp NOW AVAILABLE!

The Time Has Come And Coach Tara's YouTube Boot Camp Is Live!
Coach Tara's YouTube Boot Camp

I could not be more excited about Sharing this YouTube Boot Camp With you!

This YouTube Marketing Course comprises of 6 Modules

  1. The 7 Core Concepts of YouTube Marketing
  2. Video Content Layout
  3. The Blue Print For The Most successful Description Box
  4. Personal and TRIBAL Social Syndication
  5. The 5 Must Have Videos For Your Channel
  6. Your YouTube Channel "Set Up For Success"
PLUS Bonuses:
Special invite To Our Google + YouTube Tribal Syndication Community
How to Create Beautiful Thumbnails
Best Practices for Sharing Your Video's ON Facebook
And SEVEN more...

TOTAL Value $197 
Available NOW for The Investment Of $47!

Don't Just Take My Word For It See What Anji Long; 

YouTube Marketing ROCK STAR and 6 Figure Earner,

 Has to Say about It

Imagine What 5 to 10 fresh New TARGETED
prospects a day would be like...

Imagine building a list to of people 
That Are attracted To You because 
They FEEL like they Know you? 

Imagine Those people visiting your content everyday 
To learn and grow because of the Value You bring. 

IMAGINE how Much easier Your Business would Be if You 
Just Knew How To Do It.
I Teach you all How I use YouTube 

Marketing to do Just that. After Learning and Applying
for Countless hours, I decided it was High Time To Share 
What I've learned in the Effort to Compress YOUR TIME.

This Course Is FOR:
- Small Business Owners
- Internet Marketers
- Grass Roots Non Profits 
- Network Marketers
- MLMers
- Bloggers
- Coaches
- Activists

This Course IS NOT FOR:
Folks looking To "Go Viral"
Or Be A YouTube Rock Star. 

This is FOR SERIOUS People Looking For SERIOUS
YouTube Training That Will Help Them Draw QUALITY People To Their Mission.

Here's To Our Finest YouTube Marketing,
Coach Tara
The Mind ReSet Coach