Friday, September 19, 2014

Your BEST Shot At Wealth Is to Become an Entrepreneur!

Your BEST Shot At Wealth Is to Become an Entrepreneur!

This Information BLEW MY MIND today.

Not that I didn't suspect it all along.

The 2% is Comprised of More Than 81% SELF MADE billionaires!

That Means That They Did not inherit the money, They CREATED there Abundance.

This leaves ZERO excuses to the 98%

that Do not Do a darn thing about there situation.

Now I'm no Billionaire right now But I know this,

The Fact that I am Not, is BECAUSE of ME, My actions And My beliefs..

Not because I am a Victim of circumstance.

If you Are Struggling with your poverty,

YOU MUST do something About it NOW.


More than 4 in 5 billionaires around the world made the majority of their wealth themselves, as opposed to inheriting it, according to the survey, which measures the global billionaire population from July of 2013 to July 2014. ~ Entrepreneur Magazine

It's usually those who claim they don't care about money that are broke. Why not get wealthy? Why not become a millionaire? Why not focus on making as much money as you can?  As entrepreneurs, I know you have goals of increase your income. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, so those thriving financially  must be doing something different, right? Better yet, they must have a better perspective about money and how it’s earned?  ~ 8 Steps You Can Take Starting Today to Dramatically Increase Your Income

Here's To Our Finest Life,

Coach Tara

The Mind ReSet Coach

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