Monday, September 8, 2014


Legacy Lifestyle Academy Review

Over The Past Two Weeks I have Been a Proud Member and Student Of The Legacy Lifestyle Academy. I Chose to become a member because I was FINALLY in the Place To Say I WANT MORE and I need Help. The Stars Aligned, The Moon settled into position and I found #LLA . This was no Accident. I have been following Anji Longs and Ben Martins Success now for the past six months or so and Have seen tremendous growth and Entrepreneurial maturity develop Along with The lifestyle that commands. I knew I was READY to be mentored, I knew That in order to Finish This year Strong and Lay the Foundations for 2015 I Could No longer Do This Alone, Nor could my business partners and I afford to WAIT until we Figured it all out. Heck I have been at this a minute, and I couldn't rightfully Be The Mentor I am if I did not Get The Mentoring I need ... and Quick. See I am in it for the Long game, however I know The Speed in which Business moves and How quickly we must learn to adapt to the Network Marketing Industry. See, no matter What level You are at or what point in your Journey, YOU need Mentorship. All You need To Be is SERIOUS about Creating Your Legacy. Lets Create The Legacy Together!

My Personal Results in two Weeks:

1- 120 NEW Subscribers

2- My First Product is Complete and will Be Launched the 18th

3- Learned How To Create A VALUE packed Funnel

4- Developed a Far More Effective Work Schedule

5- My Income Has Increased.. Earned in the last two weeks What I earned last month.. Not because Im Running hard with a company.. Because I'm running hard for myself, My Business, My Vision and My team.

The Legacy Lifestyle Academy Improves Daily As new Training's are Constantly and consistently added, Bringing Far more Value than I have seen before in a product like this.

Here's To Our Finest Life,

Coach T

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