Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How NOT to Become a HATER

How NOT to Become a Hater

In Life You will come across people That will attempt to Defame you, Try to hurt you,


It may give you a feeling like you have to retaliate. You Do Not Have to Strike Back.

Their Hating on you is a Reflection of Their Lack of Understanding of Who they Really are

And Not a reflection of who you are. Do not second guess yourself, that is their goal...

Not yours, Your vision is Bigger Than That.

Your Reality Is Better Than that

And You can Resist The Urge To Lash out. Remember Water Rises to Its Own Level.

You Set Your Standard, so all you have to do is Rise up to it.

I believe in you!!

Here's To our Finest Life,

Coach Tara

The Mind ReSet Coach