Monday, June 2, 2014

ReWrite Your Life

This is a Law of Attraction technique I learned a few years ago, yet I never fully embraced it and put it into action. It's about Rewriting Your Life Story. I was reminded of this today and it stayed on my mind. I KNEW I had to share it and Start it As well. This Exercise is designed to help people heal deep wounds and encourage BIG DREAMS. It May be difficult, or fun, or sad. I do know it will be worth it. You know how they say,

"History is Written By Those Who Won." Well, You are the Champion here, Lets Write some history... - Tweet This

What You Need for this Rewrite:

  • Something to Write on, Journal, Notebook, etc. There is great Power in Writing it out instead of typing it. Save the typing for when the story is finished.

  • Blue Inked Pen (s)

  • At Least 5 to 10 minutes a day to write

  • a VERY open mind

  • Allowance to use your imagination FULLY

  • Being detailed is A Big PLUS but do not allow vagueness to stop you, you really want to Pull The Best FEELING about Everything you write. So The Least resistant , most joyful way will benefit you most.

I am Interested in Your New story so please connect with me and let me know if you are doing it or have done it and also if you would be interested in attending a Google Hangout to discuss it. CLICK HERE to contact me.

UPDATE There has been a Humongous response about doing a ReWrite Hangout Click Here To See WHERE and When :)

Here is To Our Finest Life,

Coach Tara Woodruff

The Mind ReSet Coach

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