Saturday, June 28, 2014

How To Get Inspired For Your Video's

In this Blog Post and Video I am going to give You the Goods on How to get inspired for Your Video's.

When You Embark on a 90 day Video challenge, you may have days where You can't think of Something to talk about, The Content alludes you. It happens to the Best of us.

Here is what I do When I am at a Loss for Words [I know, that's kinda funny]

  • Your Inbox - You are already subscribed to some newsletters, Use Them. Read the email, Get A subject from it and Go from there.

  • Your Social Media - Check your G+ or Facebook News feed for inspiration.

  • Your Youtube "What To Watch Section" - Check out what others are doing or talking about and do a "My Thoughts on" video

  • Your PAST Videos - Take a look at videos you have done before and do a follow up.

  • GOOGLE - Google Is you friend, Search a subject you're interested in and Make a video about it.

  • Your Skills - Do a How to or Over the shoulder Training about something you know how to do. Teaching is The Best way to learn.

Last But Not Least, Take a Breath, Get some fresh air, Breath and Relax :)

If This helps You out MAKE a Video About It!!

Here's to Our Finest Life,

Coach Tara

The Mind ReSet Coach

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