Thursday, June 26, 2014

90 Day Video Challenge Invitation

Hello Folks!! Long time no new Blog! I am back with an Invitation for You to Join me in a 90 Day Video Challenge.

I Challenge You, No matter What Business you do or Whether You are ready to Expand Your Personal Development,

I Challenge You to a 90 DAY Video Challenge Starting the day You see This Video!
I am Participating in a 90 day video Challenge with my Family at the Internet Lifestyle Network and Here is my Day 1.

I encourage you to Join in!! I look forward to Seeing your Videos Too!

Why are Video Challenges Good For Anyone? In Any Business? For Any Reason?

  1. YouTube is the NUMBER 2 Search Engine in the World, Second Only to Google [Google OWNS YouTube...Literately]

  2. Excellent way to Develop  AUTHORITY on the Subjects You discuss

  3. Helps You to Come out of your shell. You see, no one is There when You create the video, so you can Relax and be yourself.

  4. Prepares you For Public Speaking

  5. Serves as a Growth Meter, especially when You Use Video to Enhance Your personal Development.

  6. Brings Your Voice To the World.. THERE ARE people Out There Just Waiting to Find YOU and Your Unique Voice

  7. If You are in Business, You WILL attract More Customers and Business Partners. You Are About To dramatically Improve Your Business.

  8. You Create The Habit Of turning on your Camera.

  9. Video is like a residual Business card. People will Be Opting in and Reaching out to you From Your Videos, as long as they are PUBLIC on YouTube.

A Few Good Guidelines to get You Started:

  • Relax

  • Look At the Camera [REALLY PRACTICE THIS]

  • Check your your Surroundings ie: Make your bed ETC

  • Name Your Video File BEFORE you Upload it [I don't know why HOWEVER I know its important]

  • ALWAYS put Your Landing Page/BlogURL/Or Website FIRST in the description.

  • Then Your Description and a Final call to action... May hap another Link you would like your viewers to visit [FB Profile etc]

  • Add your Tags to the Bottom of your Description Box with Commas in between [ this way you can copy and paste them in the Tag section]

Here's To VIDEO!!!

Coach Tara Woodruff

The Mind ReSet Coach

tropical tara g+

ps Keep Your Eyes out for tomorrows Post As I will Teach What I just learned about adding Special LINKED annotations to Your Videos.

pss To Learn More about working DIRECTLY with Me and The Internet Lifestyle Network Family CLICK here to hear from our Mentor

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