Friday, May 16, 2014

My Thoughts on Persuasion Mastery

[caption id="attachment_276" align="alignleft" width="300"]TRANSMUTE  your Power of Intention into Your POWER of Decision And The SEA that separates YOU from Your Desires  will PART TRANSMUTE
your Power of Intention into Your POWER of Decision And The SEA that separates YOU from Your Desires
will PART[/caption]

Good Day ! I decided to start my day with a Podcast of Jeffrey Combs. Tuesday Night He hosted the "Persuasion Mastery" on his More Heart Than Talent call and it INSPIRED ME to share with you my thoughts. I have quite a bit of notes ( that will happen to you when you Hear Mr Combs on his calls).

I wholeheartedly Agree and endorse Everything he said on this call. Here are MY biggest Takeaways;

QUIT your Job: Every day that you trade your Most valuable commodity for Just get By Money You rob yourself of the power of Your Commitment for the Life YOU REALLY WANT.

How can You be persuasive if you have not persuaded yourself to be fully committed?

If You are CHRONICALLY LATE it is impossible to attract Organized and committed people. This causes you to attract people who disappoint you. KNOW this, if you have doubt, you will stay overwhelmed and will continue to attract Doubters to Fulfill YOUR Desire to Be in a state of constant disappointment. Once You have HAD ENOUGH, you will Lose your Doubt. If you remain More Concerned with Failure, you will STAY disappointed.

CULTIVATE you Definitive Of Purpose and YOU will NOT be Denied.

If You are Uncertain and in Doubt your Belief will not Align with your Desires.

TRANSMUTE the POWER of Intention to POWER of DECISION and The waters Will Part For YOU!

They Say Fortune is in the Follow up... But You will waste your Fortune if you cannot Discern Who you should follow up with. People MUST Qualify for your Time.

1. Persuade Yourself
2. The Power of Influence
3. The ability to negotiate
4. The ability to persuade to a decision
5. The ability to persuade to a transaction
6. Persuasion in business relationships
7. Persuasion in personal relationships
8. Persuasion in conflict
9. Letting go of control / Being right
10. Persuasion is collaboration

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