Saturday, May 24, 2014

Match The Vibration of The Person You Want To BE

Match The Vibration of Who you want to BE By Defining That Person. Treating the knowledge and wisdom of Your Purest Self, with a sacred heart. Writing it all out... every detail. Using this Book as Your Personal Bible; reference this Personal Divine Book during your time.

Think about reaching for the Purest self in every moment, seeking The BEST of and in everything. -Tweet This

Allowing your inner wisdom, your CORE SOUL,  to know that you are ready and familiar with who you are. Your Soul and your environment will begin to move with you in the direction of who you really are. I know that who you really are, in your core, is The Best Ever Glorious Version of you. All we must do to BECOME is DO. The whole thing, with a sacred heart.

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Peace Loves,

Coach Tara - The Mind ReSet Coach


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