Saturday, May 24, 2014

7 Day Email Marketing Plan

Late last night I engaged in a 7 Day Email Marketing Training by Ryan Deiss. He Calls it the Engagement Based Segmentation. I was so impressed with this training I made a Video in the wee hours of the morning all about it. Well, that video got scratched, my sound went cray cray and I sounded like a robot. So This morning I went right to it and now I have a clear Video overview ready for you to watch RIGHT NOW.

This is simply a Tried and Tested comprehensive technique to have More results with Your List. Forget everything you have been taught , Unless it can be incorporated to ENHANCE this method. I encourage you to APPLY what you learn here today in your Email marketing next week. You have all weekend to plan.

Ryan Deiss - The Digital Marketer

The Engagement Based Segmentation Email Marketing 7 Day Blueprint

Keep in Mind: You will be making an offer that you use a Landing Page , the purpose is to qualify and engage your list to re commit. Use this Plan to Promote a Particular Offer, that flows the Re Committed into a New Targeted List.


This Email will be Endearing, Funny, and filled with Your Personality. Tell a story about something over the weekend.

GET THE CLICK - You will include a Call to Action Using your NEW Landing page directing them to Your Offer.

WHO Will Recommit and Buy on this Day?

The people that are Fully Engaged in your brand. They visit your social media, Youtube Videos, Even Reply to your emails.


This Email will be Your Straight Up Sales Letter. This Email will Address the Problem, Demonstrate Your solution and Give the Benefit of your Offer.

GET THE CLICK - Again You will Use the Same Landing page as Day 1

WHO Will Recommit And Buy on this Day?

The people who are More engaged with Your Topic or Niche than they are with you. They like you but The Product or service is what really interests them.

DAY 3 - Wednesday : CONTENT/VALUE

 This Email Is going to Be What your subscribers Came For...Content. Today you will Teach them or Help them in some way RELATED to Your OFFER. Video, How To, Advice. The purpose of this is to Reset Your subscribers mind, Provide them the Value You Have. In the Postscript you will place your call to action.

GET THE CLICK - Using The Same Landing Page You used on Day 1 and 2.

WHO will recommit and Buy on this day?

The people that were waiting for Your personalized Value Based Information.


That's right, Ryan said it... Today You do not Email your subscribers ANYTHING. Take the day off from your Email marketing. Trust me, there is plenty for you to do.

The Purpose of this is to give your subscribers a break, allow them to catch up. mayhap they didn't have the chance to open your day 1,2,and 3 Emails.


There are 2 scenarios here:


The First 3 days were productive, you have several Recommits and sales coming from those first 3 days. Now You want to Redirect and Recommit the remaining subscribers to the SAME offer. There are 2 ways. The First is to RECAP Day 1- 3. The second is to Continue Bringing CONTENT and Value. Foe instance On Friday you could provide value and Use the Call to action Directing to the SAME landing as day 1- 3. And on Saturday You could Recap the Whole week and Call to Action Again.


Those First 3 days didn't bring the results desired, its just didn't go as planned. Mayhap they just weren't receptive to that particular Approach or product. Friday and Saturday would be your FLASH SALE. This is where you Offer something NEW, YET RELATED. It could be a Affiliate offer, or a Partner offer. If you have a large list and are a Solo Ad provider, these 2 days would be a good day to implement those offers.


Take Sunday and Analyze Your Week long Campaign and set your Next one Up.

I Hope that this brought you MASSIVE VALUE! It did me. You can Check Out Ryan's Original Video training HERE. I encourage you to Implement this Formula and Create Your Own video response to it. Teach your team, Bring your Awesome value to it!

Here's To our Finest Email Marketing Campaigns,

Coach Tara - The Helpful Entrepreneur