Sunday, April 27, 2014

How to Decompress This Spring [Home Based Business Owners]

I was brainstorming with my business partner, Ginger Sassatelli, and we came up with a great way for us Home Based Business Owners to decompress and distress this spring. Spring is the time where you are now more than a quarter into the year and you have been on the hustle this whole time. Holidays, School, Promotions, Marketing, Raising children; all of it at a breakneck pace. IT is time to take a retreat. So What can the busy, home based business owner  do?

There is a SLEW of awesome things, but the most important one is to be able to get alone and tune out for a while.  here is what Ginger and I came up with:


Whether it be in the late afternoon, lunch time, or at night you will need these 7 things to make the perfect mini-vacation NOW.

[caption id="attachment_264" align="aligncenter" width="607"]Picnic for One Picnic for One[/caption]


  • Location: You need to find a quit place, a beach, park, an old oak tree.

  • Food: Pack a Nice meal like a Waldorf Salad or a Veggie wrap. What ever you like, Heck Bring Shrimp Cocktail if toy like (Fresh and Wild caught in US fishery)

  • Half A bottle 0f Wine: or Iced tea, Whatever you like.. Ooo Lemonade would be Awesome!

  • Water: Besides the other drink, You need to pack some Fresh Spring water, Preferably in a Glass bottle.

  • A Picnic Blanket: or a sheet, or a table cloth. Yeah, You gotta actually get on the ground :)

  • A Journal: With a Nice Blue inked pen.

  • TIME: 2 - 3 Hours Alone

WHAT you will not be Bringing with you

  • Smart Phone: Leave it, You'll be okay... MILLIONS of people have survived time alone for MILLIONS of years WITHOUT a Smartphone.

  • Anyone else: Alone time means alone time. Enlist the help of your family members, husband, wife, oldest children, Someone you trust, and have them take care of the family for 3 hours, it will be good for them.

  • Tequila: DO NOT BRING TEQUILA. I REPEAT, Do Not Bring Tequila.

Ask Yourself This:

" What would make it inevitable to Spend 3 hours alone enjoying a picnic this Month?"


Here's to our Finest Life,

Coach Tara ~ The Helpful Entrepreneur

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